Sunday, July 1, 2007

Whatever happened to my rock and roll??????

Jesus, sometimes you listen to an album and are so moved. Music has that power sometimes......but the beauty that is Spiritualized's "Lazer Guided Melodies" is the stunner of the last 10 years, in my humble opinion. second picture, by the way....
And the funny thing is music this good should be on the radio, but oh how the commercial radio stations have dropped the ball.
Thank goodness for KEXP and KCRW and their online streaming.
I miss the days of cool album covers, and liner notes. It's easy to download a song or 2 which is great, but the experience of looking and feeling that album thing is hard to explain to the kids these days.

These are a couple covers I love. And me and the camp hanging out in our backyard today.

Camper looks better than me because she didn't see the Tubes last night. :)

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