Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm Floored! X 3!!!!!

Dining room floors stained, check!

Epoxy resin kitchen floors set, check!

Seeing Rush last night... for perhaps the 20th + time since 1980, Check!

Like a fine wine, they just get better and better. See vintage shirt which I bring out every so often. No, I didn't wear it. It's resting quite nicely. As it will for another 27 years.

We start moving kitchen equipment in this week! And the return of B.L. Foley! Yay!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I miss Joe Strummer.
I'm almost finished with this new bio about him. Yay for the library! I got this book and vintage Frank Zappa cds there this week....

Strummers bday is August 21-might make for a great opening day-The Clash and The Mescoleros....great soundtrack!

Floors are getting done this week, then we can move equipment in !

Cookin time is comin!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Size Matters

Big stuff happening today. Plumber showed up, hood people showed up. And the day after a holiday!! The work ethic of America is alive and well!
Hood is up, awaiting fans installed on roof and a couple of inspections. After all these years of working under hoods, I now know how they are installed. Quite a labor intensive job, including sawing through the roof, and a crane being brought in to put the fan up.

I realized that our door spaces are really tight, and the equipment which needs to be in the kitchen will just barely make it. Just another thing to ponder at 3 AM.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Whatever happened to my rock and roll??????

Jesus, sometimes you listen to an album and are so moved. Music has that power sometimes......but the beauty that is Spiritualized's "Lazer Guided Melodies" is the stunner of the last 10 years, in my humble opinion. second picture, by the way....
And the funny thing is music this good should be on the radio, but oh how the commercial radio stations have dropped the ball.
Thank goodness for KEXP and KCRW and their online streaming.
I miss the days of cool album covers, and liner notes. It's easy to download a song or 2 which is great, but the experience of looking and feeling that album thing is hard to explain to the kids these days.

These are a couple covers I love. And me and the camp hanging out in our backyard today.

Camper looks better than me because she didn't see the Tubes last night. :)

More Stuff.....W.P.O.D.

A couple pix from the space...Christa and Maggie, and the hood in the background.....tables and chairs waiting to be placed.....Tammy & Mick from the Highland Stillhouse in Oregon City...and the stack of books they lent us, so we can figure out what our bar should look like.....they are the greatest peeps!

And, for all you rockers out there, I saw the Tubes this evening. It's kind of hard to explain the beauty of Fee Waybill doing White Punks On'll just have to look it up on youtube.
trust me, they radiate greatness.

Tubes World Tour!