Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dang, another week already! And Supertramp.

Back from a few stellar days in NYC, with our friends Annie and Eric. We ate and drank and ate more and drank more. It was awesome! Found some great places in Brooklyn-Alchemy Tavern for a stellar Euro pub, and Fornino for some of the best pizza we have ever had.
Cool places, cool people, everything you want in a place to go to. Brooklyn reminds me of Portland in a lot of ways, lots of cool small businesses and lots of character.

Star sightings -2 - Ben Kingsley and Jimmy Fallon. We saw Jimmy twice, on the way to the pub, and coming back from the pub.

Went to MOMA- saw the Warhol soup cans, and many other great pieces. The greatest hits of the art world indeed.

Restaurant updates for the week-gas line installed, the hood is sitting in the main room awaiting installation. It's kind of like having a sports car, all new and shiny......except it sucks smoke out of the building. The cost is about the same.

I've heard many men in their 40-50's have the middle age crisis thing going on, and buy sport cars to make up for some sense.

I now have a hood. It collects grease. Good times.

Crisis, what crisis?

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