Thursday, June 14, 2007

Colors, more city blues, the art of little things

Dang, time flies by!

Painting is finished, and it finally looks like what we have been envisioning for so long. And, the colors are great! Thanks to Mr. B.L. Foley (pictured) and my dad for making the place look awesome. (I love the "photo booth" program on my new computer so I can take these photos)

This week I covered chapter 2 in the liquor license, meaning after 9 weeks of processing at the Oregon Liquor Commission, I got to take the paperwork to city hall for another 45 day "neighborhood" review. Something they neglected to inform me about when I started the process. And another 100 dollar fee. Portland has a tag line on the side of many of the city owned vehicles-"Portland, the city that works". What they forget to mention is it also works very well at making small business feel like salmon swimming upstream.
But we will spawn eventually.

Through the frustrations of some things moving at a snails pace, the efforts of some folks keep me hopeful-the workers who show up on time, the contractors who always call me right back, and the many friends in the industry who have offered their help any time I need it. These people are golden.

This week has also got us moving on the art pieces for the walls and the booths. A little bit more everyday.

We're off to NYC for a couple days. For research, visiting with friends, and my last break for quite sometime.....

If I don't write back soon it is probably because I am in jail for killing the plumber for holding me up for so long. :)

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