Friday, June 29, 2007

Electricity, let it rain all over me.........

Well this week has been good, as the awesome electric company T&T Electric has been setting everything up for all my equipment needs. While it may not seem hugely exciting, it's a big part and they are exactly what you want in a company that has great people working for them, and they nail it for customer service. Ever heard the song " Electricity" by Spiritualized.???? hmmmmm

Just like the Mr. Plywood people in my previous blog......I give them a big hell yes. These are the people you want to support. They get it.

Other fun stuff, I picked up some new (old) tables today, and delivered the big wood pieces that Evan will be painting on the next couple weeks. check out his website....he's doing 3 big pieces for the walls.

Next are the bar and booths ..and I think we've got that figured out.....

The hood is still in the middle of the floor of the dining room because I can't get a hold of the the guy who is supposed to install it because his voice mail has been full for the past couple of days. Because of the expense of this thing, I'm amazed they just let it sit around for so long.....

The plumber may show up tomorrow! holy crap!

This week also involved meeting vine vendors......finally the fun part starts!!!!!!

Sorry for that everyone that wants to leave feedback.......had I known it was such a hassle I would have found something else to keep you all informed.................

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

blah blah blog

This weeks projects are:
flooring (kitchen and front room) plumbing (still!)
the hood installation,
ordering equipment,
finding a payroll company,
writing employee manual,
electrical work for kitchen,
painting office,
calling on vendors,
having booths made,
having the bar made,
deciding on lighting for the front.
Just a normal week for anyone.

the 2 pix are, 1 from the painting we got (still in Wisconsin) of happy drinking guys (why are they happy? cause soon they will be in Cava!!! hahaha)....the other the coolest flower design ever, the passion flower from the vine we have growing in our yard.

That's where we are-Tuesday June 26th, 2007 at 3:06 pm for those keeping score.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dang, another week already! And Supertramp.

Back from a few stellar days in NYC, with our friends Annie and Eric. We ate and drank and ate more and drank more. It was awesome! Found some great places in Brooklyn-Alchemy Tavern for a stellar Euro pub, and Fornino for some of the best pizza we have ever had.
Cool places, cool people, everything you want in a place to go to. Brooklyn reminds me of Portland in a lot of ways, lots of cool small businesses and lots of character.

Star sightings -2 - Ben Kingsley and Jimmy Fallon. We saw Jimmy twice, on the way to the pub, and coming back from the pub.

Went to MOMA- saw the Warhol soup cans, and many other great pieces. The greatest hits of the art world indeed.

Restaurant updates for the week-gas line installed, the hood is sitting in the main room awaiting installation. It's kind of like having a sports car, all new and shiny......except it sucks smoke out of the building. The cost is about the same.

I've heard many men in their 40-50's have the middle age crisis thing going on, and buy sport cars to make up for some sense.

I now have a hood. It collects grease. Good times.

Crisis, what crisis?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A couple more photos!

1 wall

Door jamb

The painters!!

Colors, more city blues, the art of little things

Dang, time flies by!

Painting is finished, and it finally looks like what we have been envisioning for so long. And, the colors are great! Thanks to Mr. B.L. Foley (pictured) and my dad for making the place look awesome. (I love the "photo booth" program on my new computer so I can take these photos)

This week I covered chapter 2 in the liquor license, meaning after 9 weeks of processing at the Oregon Liquor Commission, I got to take the paperwork to city hall for another 45 day "neighborhood" review. Something they neglected to inform me about when I started the process. And another 100 dollar fee. Portland has a tag line on the side of many of the city owned vehicles-"Portland, the city that works". What they forget to mention is it also works very well at making small business feel like salmon swimming upstream.
But we will spawn eventually.

Through the frustrations of some things moving at a snails pace, the efforts of some folks keep me hopeful-the workers who show up on time, the contractors who always call me right back, and the many friends in the industry who have offered their help any time I need it. These people are golden.

This week has also got us moving on the art pieces for the walls and the booths. A little bit more everyday.

We're off to NYC for a couple days. For research, visiting with friends, and my last break for quite sometime.....

If I don't write back soon it is probably because I am in jail for killing the plumber for holding me up for so long. :)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Holy Rollers!

Rock and Paint Roll!

Day 3 and we're all still moving, good sign. Main room will be done tomorrow!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Careful With That Sprayer, Eugene

The painting has begun!

My Dad and B.L. are like Laurel and Hardy, so much fun. It's either the paint fumes, or residual stuff left over from the 70's. There's something about knowing someone for 40+ years that just cannot be put into words.

B.L. is the spray master. So many colors to choose from, so little time.

Big color stuff starts tomorrow. These guys get up way too early.