Wednesday, May 9, 2007

This Red Tape's Gonna Cost Some Green

Randall visits the Portland Develop Commission, pt. 1

12:30 sign in, drop paper in the box labeled "G"

12:45 get called, exchange goes something like this:

PDC (them)-So what are you doing?

RM-I need a 3/4" sub floor put down. And I put up a couple soundproof walls.

PDC-are you the contractor?


PDC-well , blah, blah, need signature of contractor or owner of building.

1:00 call landlord, fax form, he faxes back, needs changes, he re-faxes,

PDC-OK, go put sign in paper in box "B"

1:20, get called by new guy, re-explain everything, he makes copies of plans, OK, go put paper in "G" again.

1:35, new guy, re-explain, he goes over plans............said he wouldn't charge me, since he didn't have to "re-inspect" plans. I say thanks. He says go put paper back in "B"

1:45 or so.......waiting...some lady on her cell phone is talking so loud I want to punch her lights out.

And I'm not a violent person........

2ish-new guy. Looks plans over, discusses what needs to be done, he can't figure out history of building, so he methodically checks just about every case involved since 2002 or so. There are a lot of cases. He makes more copies, but this time we go over the 18" involved at the doorway in GREAT detail. And with red pen. This is the whole issue of why I'm here. 18 inches.

2:30, still going through records, he doesn't think it is zoned to be a restaurant. My landlord got his final inspection approval yesterday, I tell him. He thinks it needs sprinklers, and I'm getting a glazed look over me. I'm gettin fidgety at this point, but I'm trying to not have an attitude. He asks me lots of questions about previous place there, which I have no idea about. He says he needs some others to check this out. I hear people in the next cubicle arguing with the inspector or someone, not a good sign.
Checking more old records, still.....

2:45- 3 other guys come by his desk-each logs in, adds their fee to the permit, and leaves. This is the fastest anything has moved all day! 3 people!! 5 minutes!!! Awesome!!!

2:50, get permit and bill. Wait about 10 minutes to pay, which c r a w l e d by.

grand total for a sub floor:

building permit 54.00

fire and life safety review 22.00

bldg plan review/processing 36.00

bldg permit st sur (!, the hell is that?) 4.40

development services fee 15.00

fire bureau plan review-9.00

BES source control plan review 28.00

168.00 and change.

2 1/2 hours I'll never get back.

And this is the first permit so far! Awesome!!!!

Thanks for listening. I feel much better now.

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