Tuesday, May 8, 2007

before and after

Main room before the love.

Keep an open mind, OK???

It's bigger than it looks here. Say goodbye to the fans and lights....and hello bar and booths. We also have a patio for those of us that need the outside sunshine when we have it. We spent the past couple days at Manzanita Beach, celebrating Amy's bday! I have a minor sunburn...as I spent quality time in the sun reading cookbooks, which is time well spent. I was so absorbed in the pages of the books, I forgot the rays I was absorbing.

Tomorrow is off to the city to get permits and "enlightenment" about what all I have to do.

One of my dad's best lifelong friends is coming down from Washington to paint the place! He's known me from day 1, (from Delano, California, where I was born... for those keeping score) and I couldn't be happier he is helping out on this little project. Ladies and gentleman, B.L. Foley will be in the house!

John and Rich, the guys who have been working on the building for months with my landlord, are jamming at getting the kitchen ready for the big stuff. Good to have the professionals working there.

Lord knows I don't know much about framing or drywall.........we all have our areas of expertise, right???

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